Saturday, February 20, 2010

Real Pictures Of Inserting A Tampon I Need Serious Help?

I need serious help? - real pictures of inserting a tampon

Ok, so I'm pads for the first time (I'm almost 14).
The deal is that I can add them! I mean, I think I know where
Vaginal opening, so I stay away and tip applicator
Try to gently ask, but do not move! Is there such a thing
blocking the entry or the angle of the vagina so serious that I have trouble finding the address? There
Latest pictures around (prepared without diagrams, as they apparently did not) help? I feel frustrated with myself that I break down and cry sometimes for hours. And do not say
I ask my mother because I did it twice, and it left me
each time, and I do not know why. I also tried to search my
Fingers, but I have encountered the same problem that tampons, fingers
a dead end! My fingers can not even have the address of my vagina. I need serious, serious, serious HELP.
You have no idea how much I mature, the answer!

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